Online classes

(one to one or small group)

General English

Brush up your English for general purposes: fluent oral and written communication in any situation at any level.

Exam preparation

For all the major exams: IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, OPI, FCE, CAE, CPE, etc.

Business English

Special topics, vocabulary, and grammar tailored to your business needs in both speaking and writing. Preparation for job interviews, business talks, and other work situations.

Grammar and usage

A special course for those who are interested to take a trip under the surface of the language, and improve their skills with a deeper knowledge of underlying structures.

Teacher training

TEFL and TESOL preparation; helping teachers with using efficient methodology and useful tricks in the classroom.

Poetry and fiction

Reading and discussing English literature - a basic course in general, and/or going deeper in your favourite literary pieces.

All the lessons are tailored to the student's needs and interests, so a wide variety of these major features combined is possible.

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The teacher

A professional EFL teacher with more than 25 years of practice in various areas of English language teaching: state and private schools, company courses, one to one tuition, teacher training, etc.
Author, editor, translator and developer of educational books and other materials, software and web sites.
Master of arts in English language teaching, linguistics, and literature, with excellent teaching and training skills, and efficient methodology.

What you get

  • a pleasant and friendly atmosphere in the lesson
  • fun and enjoyable practice
  • a chance to improve easily and fast
  • lots of homework
  • worksheets and interactive exercises
  • exam materials and tips
  • email or chat contact between lessons
  • 98% of success if you follow the instructions and tips


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The prices are shown in EUR, but any major currency is accepted.

30-minute introductory talk

Meeting for the first time, level and needs assessment with a short sample lesson, setting the scope of the course.

Single prepaid lesson

The most flexible scheduling, lessons can be cancelled as late as 3 hours before the appointed time.

Package of 5 prepaid lessons

Flexible scheduling with variable lesson lengths, but lessons cannot be cancelled later than 6 hours before the appointed time..

Package of 10 prepaid lessons

Flexible scheduling with variable lesson lengths, but lessons cannot be cancelled later than 12 hours before the appointed time..

Group lesson -
the regular price minus 30-70%/person

E.g. 30% discount in a group of 2, and 70% discount in a group of 5 people.

Exam preparation -
the regular price + 35%

E.g. advanced exams like TOEIC, IELTS, TEFL, etc.
Easier exams like FCE, etc. can be included in the regular price.

MA, PhD preparation -
the regular price + 50%

In English grammar / linguistics and/or literature. Including a certain amount of research and essay-writing work.

Communication between lessons, if necessary, homework correction, and teaching materials are all included in the price.

Please send a contact message to enquire or apply here.

Sample Materials

These samples are taken from social media posts (followed by about 400000 people).
Similar, but more extensive things are used in the online lessons, and/or given out for individual study.



Vocabulary pictures
(public places, sports and games, tools)


Future in English
examples + worksheet with exercises, ESL/EFL intermediate


Tense usage exercise
16 multiple choice questions, intermediate level


Tense exercises
(mixed tenses, pre-intermediate and intermediate level, 100 questions)

€ 3.50

Present simple vs progressive
('use proper forms' exercise, pre-intermediate level, 90 questions)

€ 3

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